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Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.Welcome to the real world.It sucks-u gonna love it.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

stuffs on sale!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Roadtrip to North

As the tittle above says, we went on a roadtrip to Penang and Ipoh.. we as in myself, yenshan, YC, and praevin.

Started our day with dimsum breakfast on sunday morning in DU. i guess it was a pretty scary start as the bill for our breakfast amounted to RM44.4. nevertheless, we decided to carry on with our adventurous journey! reached penang in the afternoon and spend the whole day there till night!

praevin, yenshan, YC, and my cousin hishen.

my best friend! who havent been to penang for 8 years n ipoh for 10 years -.-"

Left penang bout 11pm and reached Ipoh at 1am. did stuffs there till late late night. Left from Ipoh bout 11 and reached KL at 1.30pm! Ended our roadtrip with lunch in Kayu in ss2!

That's bout it..lazy to blog on the details...im still tired due to excessive driving in the past 2 days! i think its 10hrs+ in total man! anyway, it was a nice holiday! just to go faraway from KL with a bunch of friends. feels like an adventure! but then again, most of the time we were just eating and eating and eating!! :-P

If not for him, we wudnt be able to finish all the food, especially the asam laksa! :-P


Have a joyful and blessed christmas! enjoy the holidays!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hari's bleeding :-P

this post may look disgustinggg..but really, im so bored and ive got ntg really to blog bout.. of cuz alot of things has been happening..but its either im jus too lazy to blog bout my holiday activities or they're just personal stuffs that id rather keep between myself and few of my close friends :-)

so the disgusting post...

i felt ystrd while playing futsal.. n i took great pleasure in taking a few shots of my injury :-)))))

reli, it looks so cool! its unedited! it looks like its burning! like got some fire..and its got nice design! weeeT!

n so i bleed! hehe...


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Genting 07

Monash buddies! Arrange a mini meet up soon! so we can keep in touch!

just wrote a 900 word essay...


Monday, December 03, 2007


whenever a decision making is involved, ur brain and ur heart rush to assist you...problem arises when u decide whether to follow the brain's advice or the heart's advice...

at times, or rather, often times, their views clash. big time! just like politics.. government and opposition's view always clash! and when u finally made ur decision and it's not the right one, oh my...need i say more?

its funny...when you worked so hard for the past couple of weeks or so to achieve something, but when u finally achieved it, or u could sense that ur achieving it, suddenly u feel that its not what u actually wanted to achieve in the first place! i mean...it is wat u wanted in the first place but then again its not wat u really wanted deep inside... its wat ur brain asked u to do but its something ur heart protest! yupz, u've guessed it right! clashing views! hence, internal turmoil! illegal rally! wooh! -.-"

and wrong decisions... i call it stupidity, at its very best... absofuckinglutely stupid... ahh, wat a great sense of idioticness in me when it happens! pheewwweet!

and now, another decision making...which would determine my future... accounts? or finance? or something else? thinking hard! YOU! where are u when i need u most! help me! muahaha.

i cant sleep. thx grace n meatysiu for temaning me the past couple of nights till very the late night haha.

welcome back honeybuddy! and of cuz the parkerbains!! i missed you guys alot! now, lets go out shall we? perhaps, we can all then discuss my future! hahaha. i need help!


Saturday, November 24, 2007


there's ntg much to update bout me, really..apart from the fact that im super stunned and pissed at england, and more importantly, mclaren. such an ass. screw him man. he shud get shot. but then again, he got sacked less than 12 hrs after the game ended. at least they did something right.

after all the russia v israel hype... england screwed it up big time. big big time. too late to ap0logize now dude, u suck! i only watch major tournaments cuz of england..cant believe they're out now. so the impossible... no point d euro08...now gotta wait for WC 10.. damn. still shocked.

besides football... my modem's been a bitch to me... i cudnt go online since like duno when until a few days back.. which explains dik, why i cudnt go online when u asked me to the other day. even now, i gotta use the LAN cable which connects to the phone line which is situated at an awkward place in my room, which means... its so crappy to go online these days. my laptop's not placed properly, sitting position's not right.. its jus not nice to be online and carry on with my usual online activities :-(

talking bout that, last saturday was a great day! well simply becuz its dik's bday. since now oni i can use internet, albeit uncomfortably, well, happy birthday! a year older now, a year wiser! hope u learn ups n downs of life n use it to ur advantage. take care.

will try to update more regularly. byebye!

ps: i've been thinking bout alot of things lately regarding stuffs bout me n some of my friends and its reli eating up my brain space -.-" ..time to take ginkgo n multivitaminS, and back to thinking!


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

2007's worst day.

im dreading tmr. im dreading dreading dreading tmr.... it's my worst day of the year... i reli duno how am i going to go thru tmr...i reli duno how am i going to manage tmr...

im scared... and im stressed...very stressed...

1st november 2007. worst 24 hrs in 2007.

24hrs of hell... and i think im not ready... i really am not ready to face tmr...